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Float NB Spa & Wellness Memberships

(Auto-renew/Minimum 12 Month Commitment - 1 Guest only/not shareable) 
Float Membership

Each Month
1 x 60min Float Therapy
Session $49 each additional 60min
Towel Service
Exclusive Member Discounts 
* 1 FREE 60min Float Therapy gift certificates at sign up.

Float & Massage Membership

Each Month
1 x 60min Float Session
$49 each additional 60min Float
1 x 60min Therapeutic Massage
$10 off each additional Therapeutic Massage
Towel Service
Exclusive Member Discounts
* 1 FREE 60min Float Therapy gift certificates at sign up.

Good things come in threes:

Did you know that Float Therapy is considered a practice?
Meaning the more often you Float, the more benefits you will experience.
During your first float session, you may have a fear of the unknown, nerves being a bit restless, the mind being very busy with this new concept etc. Many guests come out of their first float with the comment "that was interesting". Sometimes our mind tries to figure out if we enjoyed the experience or not, so much so that we forget to take note of how relaxed out physical body feels.

Others fall in love with Floating right away and their rosy post float glowing cheeks shine as bright as their smile! It is important to realize that although many of the benefits of Floating might not be felt right away, they do last all day long and even for a few days, including a more profound sleep at night, improved muscle recovery and decrease in pain. During your Second Float visit, you now know what to expect and typically your body and mind can relax much faster, this usually results in a more mindfulness type of experience.

By your third float, you get a deeper relaxation because your body is accustomed to this new way of being and it unwinds faster and on a deeper level. Many guests have said that they fall asleep or find themselves in a deep meditation like state while floating. Some have also found that their natural way of being on a daily basis is a "new normal" which is much more productive, peaceful and with clarity of the mind like never before.
This doesn't mean that you don't get benefits from just one float, but if you are going to"give Float Therapy a try" we encourage you to give it a fair and real try of at least 3 sessions before deciding if you enjoy it or not.

Single Float Session
$ 80
60 Min Float Therapy
We get it, some people don't like saving money or a good deal. For you, we have created the Single Float Session full price option. We want you to come visit us because we are certain that you will feel right at home and want to come back!

Float & Massage
$ 150
Gift Certificates Available
Allow yourself the ultimate self care and slow down by combining these two Therapeutic services
for a healing and wellbeing experience like no other.

One 60min Therapeutic Massage
(with RMT health insurance receipt)
One 60min Float Therapy Session.